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  Dongying Highyond Investment Casting Co., Ltd. (“Highyond” for short) is located in Dongying, Shandong, with 180 employees and monthly production capacity of 80 tons.
  Highyond integrates making, casting, processing and surface treatment, providing one-stop service for customers. The colloidal silica shell precision casting process ensures product quality to the greatest extent. At present, Highyond can produce various products made of stainless steel, heat resistant steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, high-temperature alloy, non-ferrous alloy, etc. Our products are widely applied to auto spare parts, pump accessories, pipe tube accessories, marine accessories, building hardware, hardware tool, metering device, food machinery, heat treatment equipment, hydraulic pressure, kitchenware, high-speed rail accessories, etc.
  Our developed and produced parts are more than 13000 types with more than 300 alloy grades. Highyond, with super-strong process research and development capacity, can produce various precision castings with complex structure and high casting difficulty, such as enclosed impeller.
  With excellent employment environment and advanced management concept, corporate existing managerial and technical cadres are some well-experienced pragmatic dedicated casting talents. Strong manufacturing technique is our prominent advantage.
  “Customer Satisfaction” is our behavioral standard as well as our permanent goal.  

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